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GOOGY GRESS has been involved with Spit Like A Big Girl since first seeing a workshop production of the show in 1995.  He has been actively involved in every production ever since.


SPIT is the masterwork of the playwright and actress, Clarinda Ross, and it tells the story of her life as the daughter of noted historian Dr. Carl A. Ross and as the mother of her severely disabled daughter, Clara.  The play is two acts.  In the first, Clarinda delves into her father's life as an academic, the way that life shaped her own and that of her family's, and in the second she looks at how those lessons prepared her for her life as a warrior on behalf of Clara.  The play is by turns funny, touching, caustic, and life affirming.



Spit Like A Big Girl is an easy addition to any active company’s season for many reasons. For starters, take a look at these scenes:






















And audiences love it.  Look at the tremendous responses from some of her many fans after her performances at The Rubicon Theater in Ventura, CA.






















Critics love it as well.  Here's our one-sheet.





















The show has an almost invisible but very large, powerful, active and well connected demographic of people who might otherwise not be reached by you, namely the disabled, their families, friends, neighbors, doctors, therapists, and caregivers.  Additionally, there are tremendous marketing advantages to be gained by positioning the show as a fundraiser for the disabled community.  Sponsors, community leaders, and the press are all typically quite happy to associate themselves with this heartwarming and human show.  All of this can really help to drive ticket sales.


The show is inexpensive to produce.  For one negotiated fee, Spit Like A Big Girl Productions provides essentially everything needed for the run of the show.  Our fee covers Clarinda’s salary as an actress and playwright, as well as her transportation and housing costs, and all the costs of her stage manager, as well.  We also provide the props and costumes.  Our set pieces are not provided but are simple – a few platforms and four chairs.  We also supply all the cues necessary for sound and lights.  You would provide the tech people associated with sound and lights.


For our friends in academia, Spit Like A Big Girl offers tremendous inter-departmental funding possibilities.  Clarinda is quite accustomed to lecturing and offering classes and seminars not just to acting and playwriting students, but to pre-med, psychology, and developmental studies majors, as well as students involved in speech, physical and occupational therapy.  All of Clarinda’s work in this regard is included in the price of her theatrical engagement.  





To book the show please reach out to me at any of the addresses found on the contact page of this site.  And please like us on Facebook by visiting our page here:

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