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Googy Gress



Francis Gress, Jr. was born in Brooklyn, NY.  As an infant his father called him "his goo-goo baby" and that became Googy. As he was raised in Connecticut - where there is a state law that you must have a silly nickname - his stuck.

After high school, Googy attended the University of Southern California, where he earned a BFA. He then moved to New York to begin his career. While there he studied with Warren Robertson. He earned his SAG card in 1981 doing a PSA for the Social Security Administration. Soon after he was cast in The Flamingo Kid, he still counts many of the people he met on that film, in particular, Brian McNamara, Matt Dillon, and Fisher Stevens, as some of his dearest friends.


By the mid 80's he had returned to L.A. and he has worked steadily since. A true highlight of his many years in L.A. was doing Apollo 13 as it brought with it one of his most cherished rituals, his Thursday lunches with his "Apollo Girlfriends" - Christian Clemenson, Wayne Duvall, Chris Ellis, Andy Milder, and John Short, all of whom were Mission Control specialists in the film.


Mr. Gress has been a working actor for thirty-seven years.   He received his first producing credit for the film, ASHLEY’S ASHES, and now has his second for his work on and with the movie, NIGHTMARE CODE.  Over the course of his career he has appeared in almost forty features and can be seen in films opposite Matt Dillon, Jeff Goldblum, Ed Harris, Glenn Close, and Jennifer Aniston among many notables.  He has worked several times for both Ron Howard, Ken Kwapis, and The Farrelly Brothers.  His extensive television credits include series regular roles on G VS E for USA Network and LESSONS LEARNED for HBO.  He has guest starred in the live episode of ER, and on FRASIER, NYPD BLUE, COLD CASE, PUSHING DAISIES, and PARENTHOOD among others.  As regards PARENTHOOD, he sees himself as their lucky touchstone as he has appeared in five different episodes, over five different seasons, each time in a different role.


Googy is married to the love of his life, the actress and writer, Clarinda Ross, and they live with their three kids, Clara, Frank, and Gus, their two cats, Harry and Mary, and their dog, Louise, in suburban bliss in Newbury Park, CA.




2010 - present

2010 - present

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